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Baptisia australis
Baptisia australis
Common Name: Wild Indigo / Blue False Indigo
Show-stopping flower display in early summer Easy to grow in just about any sunny site Drought tolerant once established Host plant for many varieties of butterflies

Tall blue spikes of flowers resemble racemes of lupines in May and early June. Charcoal black seedpods follow and are valued in dried flower arrangements. Plant them in cottage gardens, prairie gardens and meadows. Baptisia takes some time to get established so have patience. They are worth the wait. Blue Indigo is a native host plant for the following butterflies - Wild Indigo Duskywing, Eastern Tailed-Blue, Orange Sulphur, Clouded Sulphur, Frosted Elfin, Hoary Edge.

Height: 3-4 Feet
Spread: 3-4 Feet
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-8