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Quercus bicolor
Quercus bicolor
Common Name: Swamp White Oak
Grows relatively fast for an oak Pollen and emerging leaves attract a long list of pollinators and other insects Insect-eating migrating birds visit the tree looking for pollinating insects at work Acorns are a major food source for a variety of wildlife Larval food source for many of the dusky wings and hairstreak butterflies Will grow in low, moist areas

Swamp white oak is a deciduous tree with a broad, rounded crown. The dark, shiny green leaves are silver on the bottom side. Fall color is usually yellow, but sometimes reddish purple. Though ornamentally insignificant, flowers bloom in April attracting pollen-seeking insects that attract migrating vireos, tanagers and warblers in search of a meal. Large acorns mature in early fall providing food for deer, wild turkey, black bear, fox and gray squirrels. Indigenous to moist, bottomland locations, this oak has surprisingly good drought resistance.

Height: 50-60 Feet
Spread: 50-60 Feet
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4-8