American Beauties Native PlantsĀ® is All About Giving Back

We Are Spreading Our Wings to Help Fund More Environmental Research and Education

| Published 05/05/2015

Since it’s inception, American Beauties Native Plants has been giving back in a big way. It’s at the very core of our mission. For 10 years American Beauties Native Plants partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and donated $267,000 to help support their environmental education programs

This year we are spreading our wings to help other worthy causes such as the exciting new documentary Hometown Habitat, from award winning filmmaker Catherine Zimmerman. "American Beauties Native Plants kicked off Hometown Habitat fundraising by sponsoring the first minute of production! And they continue to support!”- Catherine Zimmerman

"Donating funds to make this documentary film possible was the right thing to do. It's important work, and what better way to convey the message about native plants, pollinators and larval foods than by seeing the relationship first hand. Surely, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is worth a million." - co-owner of American Beauties, Steve Castorani

We are also committed to the Pollinator Partnership and their Wings Over Ohio program. The campaign will research, maintain and augment the Ohio segment of the North American Monarch Migration. “We are so proud to join forces with the Pollinator Partnership. Their projects and research are invaluable!” – Peggy Anne Montgomery, Brand Manager American Beauties 

More Ways American Beauties Native Plants Gives Back


  • American Beauties Native Plants donated 850 plants to help Girls Scouts Celebrate their 100th Anniversary.


  • Groupon Grassroots!  American Beauties donated 3000 plants for special projects around the country.


  • American Beauties donated 650 native plants for a New York City Eco-elementary school.


  • American Beauties donated 1,350 plants to the Gateway National Recreation Area as part of a Hurricane Sandy restoration project.


  • American Beauties donated 500 native plants to help Eco-School in Minnesota build outdoor classroom.


  • American Beauties donated a native plant landscape design for a Whole Foods Distribution Center.


  • American Beauties is teaming up with Country Gardens Magazine and Easy Garden Projects to give away a $7,500 Wildlife Waystation!






Contact: Peggy Anne Montgomery, Brand Manager, American Beauties Native Plants, 651-208-1749,


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