8 Gardens That Flourish No Matter What

For low-cost, low-maintenance gardening, go native

From Small Gardens

Issue Spring 2012 | Published 03/01/2012

Eight garden plans to help you get growing with American Beauties native plants. 

What is a Native Plant?  
Basically, it's one that was already in place when settlers arrived.  Over many hundreds of years or longer, natives acclimate to the soil and weather conditions in a particular spot, so they tend to thrive no matter what Mother Nature throws their way.

Native Plants Offer Solutions for Every Garden Situation

Native gardens take less effort to maintain

Use these designs to create a beautiful, low maintenance garden that will attract birds, butterflies and more!

Narrow your Choices
How do you grow a native garden?  Ask the Internet.  For basic education, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's website, plants.usda.gov,  has information on something like 40,000 different native plants, with images of many.  Botanical gardens and the nonprofit North American Native Plant Society, nanps.org, are well worth checking out too.

Grow in Small Spaces
"The beauty of native gardens is that once established they take less effort to maintain, and if you choose the right plants you will have few, if any insect issues,' says Steve Castorani of North Creek Nurseries.  "You will have a more natural landscape and one that provides multiple seasons of interest."

Plan for a Purpose
If you want help creating a native garden that will address a specific purpose, use our detailed plant search or use our online landscape plans or use the link below to download the full article which includes several landscape plans.

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