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I like the uniqueness of the brand, there’s just nothing else like it on the market today. Our customers have told me that they love the program. It’s hard for them to find truly native plants at other places and the American Beauty line is easily identifiable. They love the tags with all the information and the POP is really informative and eyecatching. The American Beauties brand has really enhanced our garden center. We have been focused on selling native plants for years and the American Beauty program has really added the punch of excitement that our garden center needed to put us over the top in this effort

Roger Tirrell, Native Landscapes, Pawling, NY

It’s been a nice addition to have a program like American Beauties Native Plants that focuses on the natives that thrive in our area. Our customers are increasingly aware of native plants and come in requesting them.  The American Beauties plants are showy, with tags and a brochure that are loaded with information making it so easy to refer the customers requesting natives to our display and to get them excited to buy.

Althea Paine, Mainescapes, Blue Hill, ME

What I like about American Beauties is the ease for our staff and customers to distinguish native from non-native because of the showy American Beauties package, the informative handouts and the great support the program offers us at Adams. Our customers looking for natives are drawn to our display by the distinctive look of the package and they love the clear, concise information they get from the tag and brochure. The program has had a big impact on our business by making it easy for the customer to be successful and by making our staff and customers more knowledgeable about the good native plants bring to the landscape.

Randy Padgett, Adams Fairacre Farms, Poughkeepsie, NY

The American Beauties brand of native plants has been very well received by our customers. They value the large informational tags and supplemental brochures that the program offers. Once they realize that this wide variety of native plants is pulled together into one area along with the information they need to make their decisions, they feel empowered. I have seen many customers come back with friends, excited to show them what they’ve found in the American Beauties section.

Nancy Bell, Gateway Garden Center, Hockessin, DE

We at Cape Coastal love the American Beauties brand for many reasons. First and foremost, we believe if you are planting native plants you want to plant the nicest and freshest looking plants available. Your plants are 'American Beauties' which blow away the competition’s non-branded natives plants. The breadth of selection in the American Beauties line has enhanced our ability to sell full native landscapes.  I gave a talk recently on using natives in the landscape and customers got excited about how the American Beauties line continues to expand and bring new plants to their mix every year and how these plants could help them enjoy their landscapes even more.  My only concern: I don’t want my competitors to know where I get such great quality, great looking native plants!

Dave Faszewski, Cape Coastal Nursery, South Dennis, MA

As an individual, I like the idea of promoting plants or shrubs like those in American Beauties that have a positive effect on my local and global environment from reduced water needs and increased insect pollinator activity to feeding and sheltering local fauna. As a nursery, we benefit from carrying American Beauties products by promoting a line of plants that is part of the "green" movement and that exhibits all those benefits. In addition, we can point out to customers the ease of care for these native plants, which is always a plus, and we can provide solutions to customers who are asking about gardens that will bring more birds and butterflies.  With more people becoming involved with neighborhood native gardens and their many positive attributes, the American Beauties brand is an essential product for today.

Lynne Richey, Nature’s Cradle Nursery, Eastchester, NY

As a salesperson I love the American Beauties line because it gives me tremendous flexibility in designing customers’ gardens.  The customers love the diverse, natural effect of American Beauty plants and appreciate the benefits for wildlife. As a customer, I love being able to enhance my woodland gardens with quality varieties of native plants.  Being an entomologist, I too appreciate the wildlife value such plants add to my garden.  From columbine to mountain laurel to sourwood, I have found a place for many American Beauty plants. By focusing on creating gardens that blend with the natural world around them, American Beauties plants break down the artificial nature and harsh edge of the typical garden, creating a harmonious continuum between self and nature.

George Christie, Wildwood Garden Center & Nursery, East Greenwich, RI