American Beauties & Civano Nursery Southwest Garden Design Brochure

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Today it is more important than ever to make a place for wildlife in our urban and suburban gardens. Their habitats are dwindling and so are their numbers. You can help by planting natives that attract birds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife. In return, you’ll have a beautiful garden full of life. 

Pick the Right Plant - Take the guesswork out of choosing plants. Our fact-filled tags have all the information you need to be successful. 

Beauty - Many native plants produce showy flowers, abundant fruits and seeds, and brilliant fall foliage. By planting native plants, you will have a beautiful yard that is friendly to wildlife. 

Save Water - Native plants require less water after they’ve become established. They have evolved to live in your climate with your annual rainfall amounts. 

Low Maintenance - Native plants require less fertilizer and less work; they are also less susceptible to pests and diseases. 

Attract Desirable Wildlife - Native plants attract songbirds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife with their pollen, nectar, nuts, fruits and seeds. 

Provide Cover and Nesting - Native plants provide nesting and cover for wildlife. They also attract insects that birds need to feed their young each spring. 

Contribute to a Healthy Ecosystem - Native plants and natural landscaping restore the environment and create a balance between nature and function in your home garden. 

Saves You Money - Native plants require less water, less or no fertilizer, and less annual maintenance. This adds up to significant savings! 

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