Attract Birds with American Beauties Native Plants

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are over 50 million Americans that enjoy bird watching. It’s a great hobby that you can practice right in your own backyard. What better way to get the whole family outdoors and help the environment. It’s no secret that natural habitats of native creatures including birds are disappearing. When you provide food, water, nesting sites and cover for birds you’re are really helping to restore balance in our environment.

Tips for Attracting Birds:

  • Provide water all year for birds to drink and bathe in, keep birdbaths clean.
  • Plant a variety of natives that will feed birds their natural diet all year long. American Beauties plant tags will show you which plants attract birds.
  • Plant evergreen trees and shrubs to provide windbreaks, shelter and nesting sites all year long.
  • Leave the dead leaves under your trees and shrubs. Worms, insects and spiders will thrive in the decomposing leaf litter and provide food for ground feeding birds.
  • Reduce lawn in favor of native meadow grasses that provide seed and nesting material for birds and beneficial insects.
  • Clean out nesting boxes in early spring. Face nesting boxes east to provide extra warmth.
  • Build a brush pile in an out of the way spot. Some birds will forage, roost and even nest in them. Leave dead trees when possible to provide nesting places and insect foraging.
  • Supplement food with bird feeders in lean times.
  • Avoid chemicals. According to the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology households that use lawn chemicals inadvertently kill 7 million birds a year.
  • Our American Beauties plant tags will show you which plants will help you attract birds to your garden.

A Special Note About Hummingbirds

Humming birds are enchanting to watch and a regular guest at feeders if you have them out. However, they prefer their natural diet of nectar from native flowers. They also eat a large number of insects and spiders so avoid using nest in a birdhouse so it is important that they have trees and shrubs for shelter and for nesting. Planting native hummingbird plants is an easy way to attract these little gems and unlike the feeders, you’ll never need to fill them up.

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