About American Beauties

The American Beauties™ collection of native plants makes it easy to use trees, shrubs, vines, grasses and wildflowers that are beautiful and good for wildlife. Native plant experts and wildlife experts have teamed up to create four gardens guaranteed to bring life to your landscape by providing food and habitat for a variety of desirable critters.

American Beauties Garden Center Display

Look for the informative and easy-to-shop American Beauties display at your independent garden center.

Why Choose Native Plants?

Native plants provide the best source of food and cover for wildlife and are ideally suited to the soils and climate they evolved in. Because of this, they generally require minimal fertilizer, little supplemental water after they are established and no pest control.

Garden Collections from American Beauties

American Beauties takes the guess work out of native plant gardening by creating four distinct theme gardens that attract beneficial wildlife and contain plants which grow well in varying conditions.

Bird Garden Plants

Bird Garden

The plants in this collection provide seeds, berries, nesting places and cover for all kinds of songbirds. Plus, there are lots of plants in this collection that provide interest four seasons of the year.

Butterfly Garden Plants


These colorful plants provide nectar and pollen spring, summer and fall for a parade of butterflies and other pollinators. If you like flowers and have a sunny location, you will be delighted with this collection of plants.

Dry/Shade Garden Plants

Dry Shade

Dry, shady conditions are a challenge for the most accomplished gardeners. This collection of tough, drought resistant native plants thrives in those conditions while providing great cover for all kinds of woodland creatures.

Moist/Sun Garden Plants

Moist Sun

Turn that troublesome low area with wet soil into a garden filed with colorful plants that hang tough in the hot sun. Frogs, dragonflies, birds and other critters will love the food and cover this collection provides.

American Beauties and NWF

Buying American Beauties brings life to your garden and helps a great cause. Every American Beauties plant sold benefits the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and their work to create better home landscape environments for you and the colorful garden critters you love. When you purchase an American Beauties plant, 25 cents, 50 cents or $1 will be donated to NWF to help fund their home habitat work and outreach programs.

The American Beauties Partnership

American Beauties, LLC is a partnership between Prides Corner Farms, Lebanon, CT, and North Creek Nurseries, Landenberg, PA, dedicated to promoting native plants to bring life to the garden. Since each region of the country has its own native plants, the eventual goal of the partnership is to grow and distribute American Beauties plants on a regional basis throughout the United States and help promote the message of NWF while doing so.

Regional Roll Outs

American Beauties was launched in spring 2006 in the Northeastern US. Plans are underway to make the program available in other parts of the country. Go to Where to Buy to find a retail location near you.