American Beauties Native PlantsĀ® Benefits for Garden Centers

Marketing Support – IGC’s Only!
Cost effective signs, banners and brochures make it easy to build displays. Website backup with high profile exposure for your garden center on the AB and NWF websites.

  • Great, cost-effective marketing support
  • The best plant tags in the industry - Our tags teach customers about all of the benefits native plants offer
  • Cost effect banners - Use P.O.P. to build solution-based displays, easily direct customers
  • Consumers are looking for natural solutions - Show customers you're in tune with today's attitudes
  • Everyone loves butterflies - Butterfly gardens are popular with young and old, great for promotions
  • Opens cross selling opportunities -  Sell birding supplies with plants that attract birds

You will never find American Beauties Native Plants® brand in a big box store. This is a product for the independent garden center only. Our P.O.P. will make setting up displays easy and cost effective. We’ve got everything you need from informative plant tags, banners and bench tape to brochures. Sign up for our newsletters to receive promotion ideas. When consumers are looking for a retail outlet for native plants, our website will proudly display all of your company information to drive business to your store. 

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Best Plant Tags in the Industry

We have experts research and design our 4-sided color tags to have all the answers your customers need to be successful; from growing information to natural facts.

We have put countless hours of research into our American Beauties tags because we want them to be nothing short of the finest plant tags in the industry. These tags will become an asset to your company. They’ll teach your staff how these plants benefit nature and act as a ‘How-To’ guide for your customers. We know consumer satisfaction rises when people can become more involved with a product. These tags will answer all the questions for you.

Cross-sell Products with Bird and Butterfly Displays

Birding is the number one hobby in America, cross-sell plants and birding supplies. Butterfly gardens are very popular, great opportunity for summer promotions.

The American Beauties brand provides tremendous cross-selling possibilities. Bird watching is wildly popular and teaching your customers which plants will attract and feed them translates into sales for you. It is also and excellent opportunity to cross sell birdfeeders, birdhouses and other related products. Butterflies delight young and old. Special events highlighting the bounty of mid-summer butterfly plants will bring in families long after the spring rush is over. Rely on our newsletter to keep you up to date about events such as Earth Day, Garden for Wildlife Month and Pollinator Week.

Get Ready for the New Generation
People from all walks of life are interested in the environment and in lowering their impact. Research shows that the next generation gives eco-friendly choices high priority.

There is no doubt about it, more and more customers are looking for native plants.  Our next generation is making choices based on the environmental impact it will have. Young families want chemical free gardens for their children to play in. Birders want to feed their fine-feathered friends their natural diet and encourage them to nest. And, everyone wants more butterflies in their gardens. Let customers know that with every purchase they are supporting the National Wildlife Federation’s educational programs. That kind of cause marketing appeals to every generation.

Tested, Tried and True 

Native plants have evolved to flourish and be less susceptible to pests and diseases. They require less water, less fertilizer and less maintenance. Our collections have been tested so you don’t have to. 

We have licensed growers all across the country. Each one only grows what is regionally appropriate for their area. The best growers in the industry have tested these plants so; you know they’re tough. Take a look at regional plant awards. It’s no accident that many if not most, of the winners are native plants or their cultivars. We are also actively working with Universities to bring you the latest information and plant trials. Look for updates under Trial Results.