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Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park'
Sedum ternatum 'Larinem Park'
Common Name: Whorled Stonecrop / Larinem
Good nectar source for native bees and butterflies An adaptable, drought tolerant groundcover Tolerates more shade and moisture than other sedum Deer resistant Performs well in rocky, drought-prone soils

Pure white, starry flowers smother this little sedum for a few weeks every spring. The small fleshy green leaves are arranged in whorls of three around the stem. The foliage is often evergreen. Makes a nice little ground cover at the foot of shrubs or taller plants. This sedum tolerates more shade than other sedum.

Height: 4-6 Inches
Spread: 10-12 Inches
USDA Hardiness Zone: 3-9